Female Trouble and Female Solutions


Anna Pasternak asks, "Is there even one straight kind, solvent, single man in his 40s left in Britain?"

Perhaps, but not one looking for a woman in her 40s!

If I were the man she describes, I would know I could command the favours of a woman in her 20s - more body beautiful, compliant and grateful for my attentions.

I think Anna and her ilk would probably prefer a man in his 60s, with a bit of dosh, or a toyboy in his 20s, for a bit of action.

Bit of a shame that you can't get both in one bod, but there it is: that's life.

The man who drew this to my attention also remarked:

"I think all women are lesbians for 26 days of every month and whores for the other two days, whenever they come on heat."

If this is indeed true, then lesbianism might be what the 300 women Anna lectured in her recent Hope After Heartbreak would have to take up. Fortunately, that seems a practical and practicable solution these days.

The Civil Partnership Act would give these women rights against each other, should they choose to civilly partner each other.

My Domestic Partnership idea should also be useful to those contemplating a long-term lesbian business relationship. Fortunately, for single and looking lesbians, it would appear that Britain now abounds with single and solvent women in their 40s, of varying kindness.


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