Drug-addicted slags, slappers and sluts who let their boyfriends kill their children


Another story along the lines of Baby P. No doubt there are more about to spring to into our collective consciousness.

I wonder how many more will have to come to light before society decides to ostracise slags, slappers and sluts again, especially slags, slappers and sluts who are drug-addicted and have similarly scummy lovers who kill their children.

While we are understandably angry at these people who kill children or allow their children to be killed, we must also "look on the bright side", for such a child growing up in such an environment would very likely grow up into one of those 11 year olds who tortured Jamie Bulger to death for their amusement, and who might torture your toddler to death or the toddler of someone you are fond of.

It will be uncomfortable for us to acknowledge that more will have to come to light before society and government will decide to "understand less and condemn more" and stop sponsoring with taxpayer money the reproduction of the unproductive at the expense of the productive.

Rookh Kshatriya http://www.anglobitch.com/ says:

There is a dysgenic effect in operation, since unregulated female mate choice tends towards the low-IQ, shiftless male sociopath. Since British women were 'liberated', this tendency has steadily reduced a former working class into a contemporary underclass.

The partner choice of Mary Pols http://www.maryfpols.com/accidentally.html choice confirms this theory.

You can see a clip of her talking about it and selling her book at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axEK1JNfNrI

What is even more interesting is that CBS is actually promoting and glamorising this sort of lifestyle choice in the form of a sitcom - http://blogs.mercurynews.com/aei/2009/08/03/meet-jenna-elfman-the-new-mary-pols/

Every day in every way I get to see more and more why suicide bombers claiming to act on behalf of Muslims and Islam would want to blow us up.


pjanus said…
Thought you might like to see a sad loser win for a change :)

However, when guys hit on every girl in sight, when they sleep with as many girls as possible, when they flirt with every girl that walks their way…nobody bats an eyelash.
Andromeda said…
No, because men are wired to conquer and seduce as many women as possible and women are wired to choose their partners wisely.

If they do not, it is their funeral.

This is called personal responsibility - a long-forgotten concept.

Since it is women who get pregnant, then it behoves them to take greater care to prevent unwanted pregnancy. After all, they are the ones left holding the baby, so to speak.

For some reason this commonsensical answer is always greeted with howls of outrage.

Why did you link yourself to a porn website, Daily Dose?

Is that your idea of a joke? Or perhaps you run that site yourself?

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