Two Male Marriage Strike links

Should women go on sex strike?

Would this situation, ignored in the short, medium and long term, be in effect geno-suicide?

Do you think the government will do anything about this or sweep it under the carpet until we all die off like dodos? (This would mean tackling feminism, overhauling the family courts, having confrontations and controversy - all the things our political classes dread.)

Which is the more likely scenario, would you say, dear reader?

Yet another male marriage strike link tells me that things are looking very bad, even for much younger and far more attractive women than I.

Soon, we will all be forced to become Muslims to get a man to actually marry us and then be forced to share him with the others. I wouldn't mind in principle, if I got along with his other wives, but it is not everyone's cup of tea, is it? Islamic state, anyone?


Anonymous said…
1) women scream and shout for the right to vote
2) they make the system unbearable for boys/men so they begin to opt out or drop out.
3) the civilization collapses or is taken over.
4) women are either killed or taken as wives of the men of the new civilization.

So what do you think the answer is?
Hint. Hint.

Babylon. Sparta. Rome. All collapsed the same way.

It's amazing that rather than fix the system and continue being treated well by western men and having freedom; you'd rather become a race traitor and the wife of a muslim living an oppressed life. Have you no honor or integrity, woman? Yes, I know women don't.

Wow! And you thought the Patriarchy of the west was evil. So you defeat the patriarchy of the west, so you can live under THE EXTREME PATRIARCHY OF ISLAM. Congratulations!

One of these days, women will get a clue, and hold each other accountable for their horrible behavior. You've made it against the law for men to hold you accountable.

Speechless. Really, I am.
Andromeda said…
Anonymous, you paint a very stark picture of what is in fact happening even now.

Women in the East End know they will have to marry out to get a decent man.

It is up for the men there to act on this knowledge, not for a woman to stop herself from doing as well as she can. She can only look after herself and her own future.

It is up to the men, surely, to persuade women that they are better than the competition.

If they cannot, then they should just concede.

Anyway, if men want their patriarchy back they can do no better than to explore Islam themselves, in the same the way that their women are also exploring Islam.

There was a programme on Channel 4 about being Muslim and Looking for Love

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