Oppressed Men

Why, I asked a male correspondent who is of the view that men are oppressed by feminism, do men not protest and campaign for change?

I was given the following reasons:

  1. Men are afraid to lose face by admitting women pussywhip them.
  2. Women took over journalism, advertising, media 30 years ago, so men have no voice any more.
  3. Men fear enforced celibacy if they stand up to Feminazis. Many have women bosses and risk losing jobs too.
  4. Men have been taught by women teachers from 5-17 and can't remember a time when they or their fathers had any rights at all: even literature and history have been re-interpreted to erase or calumniate the memory of the patriarchy.


Anonymous said…
Ultimately, standing up against feminism is futile because IT'S WHAT THE WESTERN GOVERNMENTS WANT. So, unless you can over throw the govt., there's going to be feminism.

Who can hold Western Govts. accountable for their actions?

Women, on the other hand, could band together and renounce/reject it, but that's appears even more impossible than men fighting against it.

The Western Govts. have unlimited funds to infect every entity with feminist policies. Media, Government, Education, Law, and even the Military.

It's sick and unnatural.

I just want a wife and a family and to love my wife.
Either both sexes win together or they lose together.

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