Is the multiple orgasm a feminist myth?

  1. Is the multiple orgasm a myth? 
  2. Is it experienced simultaneously or successively? 
  3. How do you know if it is different to an ordinary orgasm, if all orgasms come in waves?
  4. Is a multiple orgasm having more than one orgasm in one session of sex or in one act of intercourse?
  5. What is "one act of intercourse" - the duration of the tumescence of the male member from erection to ejaculation?
  6. Did some evil feminist make it up to make men feel inadequate and make women dissatisfied?

I want those who claim to have experienced a multiple orgasm to explain how it is different to an ORDINARY one. defines a multiple orgasm viz:

Being Multi-orgasmic, is it a fallacy, here are some of the details.

Definition of multiple orgasms: experiencing orgasms within half a minute to a minute apart, which is quite close together. Each orgasm in a multiple session doesn't have to be earth shattering, it can be waves of pleasure, or even tension releases, we all experience orgasms differently and at different intensities, so multiple orgasms also vary with each individual.

How long is a piece of string, ladies?

Some of you think it is having more than one orgasm in one "session", and there was I thinking it was having "one orgasm half a minute to a minute apart".

It sounds a bit like the Holy Grail of Sex to me.  It seems that the person who invented this concept of the multiple orgasm invented it to keep us chasing rainbows.


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