How the patriarchy benefits women by harnessing male energy better

Was Patriarchy a Women's Scheme to Control Men?

"Much has been said in feminist circles about how women are oppressed by patriarchy. Patriarchy literally means “rule by fathers” and is a system where men effectively are in control of property and decision-making. An important characteristic of patriarchal systems is that they are generally also patrilineal (a child’s descent is described by who his father, and father’s father were, rather than through the mother’s line).

The question I'm putting forth here is: Does the patriarchal/patrilineal system act more to oppress women, or is it actually more a way for women to tap and control male energy? My assertion is that patriarchal society creates an incentive structure that enables women to harness male energy and initiative for the benefit of women and their children.

In classic patriarchal cultures, men are motivated to amass wealth through the acquisition and enhancement of productive facilities: land, ships, businesses – things that will produce revenue to support a family, and which will provide an inheritance to pass along to their children. Part of the motivation is from love and emotional attachment. A large part of it is also pride and self-image -- the desire to leave a legacy, to be remembered as a great person after he's gone."

Let us be clear about what the rules of morality are for: they are for the perpetuation of your society, your nation, your civilisation and the human race.

Anyone who says they don't care about any of the above should really have their views ignored and be branded a fool.

There may be men who do not wish to behave like men and women who do not wish to behave like women. There may be people who are gay, who do not want to get married and do not want to have children. They should be TOLERATED, but they must never be allowed to think themselves the superiors OR EVEN THE EQUALS of those who marry, become parents and bring up the next generation.

Feminism has always been about rejecting the option of marriage and embracing the option of financial independence. These selfish and ambitious women do not care about the quality of their offspring or the quality of the next generation. Feminism is the cause of widespread illegitimacy and national degeneracy.

Those of you who do not see this or refuse to see this are probably all young and wish to "explore your sexuality". I am sure you can still explore your sexuality in the brothels that will be available when feminism is dead and gone.

Have you noticed how much feminists dislike brothels? They want to be the ones who are in complete control of the supply of sex, you see.  That is why they are thinking of criminalising the buyer but not the seller of sex.

Interestingly, the Koran tolerates prostitution.  Imagine that: the Koran more tolerant than feminists!  Check this out at
Verse in Koran implicitly accepts the existence of brothels


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