Feminism, Sluts and Immigration

I was disabled from commenting on Facebook for saying:

“All women are prostitutes, and all men are punters. This is no tragedy, for it was always ever thus. The tragedy for a woman is to sell herself too cheaply or to price herself right out of the market. The tragedy for a man is to not get value for his money or do the equivalent of buying a car he cannot afford to run.”

Do you just get the feeling it was a woman who reported me?  I wonder if it is still allowed to say that, on the whole, it seems that women are more censorious than men.

This is considered a worthy subject for discussion after all at


and at


but you wouldn't expect a woman, especially if she is a slut, to agree, would you?

Perhaps I should have just asked the question:

“Are women prostitutes?”

This would no doubt have been considered offensive and attracted another Facebook punishment, so perhaps I should have asked the converse, which would have been:

“Are men punters?”

Then no one would have offended at all, because no one cares if men are insulted, only when women are.

What do men ever want from women but sex?

If it is the case that men are only ever after The One Thing, ie sex, then does that not make women prepared to give them sex if certain conditions are satisfied prostitutes?

If a woman has an official life-long exclusive contract then she is a wife, who has rather more onerous duties than a mere prostitute, since her side of the bargain will also involve housekeeping and childcare.

If she has a one-off contract then she is a prostitute if money changes hands after the act.

The woman who gives sex and does not ask for payment is a slut.

A prostitute should be considered a degree above a slut because the essence of a slut is that she is a fornicatress and stupid, while a prostitute at least had the sense to ask for money in return for the provision of sexual services.

If you allow stupid women to breed then their offspring will be half full of stupid slut genes and your society will be saddled with the stupid, learning-disabled and also the depraved.


This means the next generation will be degenerate and the one after that even more degenerate exponentially http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exponential_growth if you allow this practice to go unchecked, or, if you promote this practice through the aegis of the welfare state.

What is the other reason why is it a Bad Thing for women to give sex to men for free?

Because it corrupts their nature which in turn corrupts society.

When their society is corrupted they will desecrate marriage.

When they desecrate marriage they will lose their traditions.

When they lose their traditions they will lose their memory.

When they lose their memory they will suffer dementia.

When they suffer dementia their society, race, nations will be held in contempt by other societies, races and nations, and that will be the end of their civilisation.

So, this is the reason why sluts are a Bad Thing.

Did you know that feminism says it is OK for women to be sluts?

Did you know that some feminists would even deny the concept of a “slut” claiming that a woman has an absolute right to do anything with her body without being criticised for it?

Of course, these feminists do not think they owe society a duty, much less men, or children or the elderly, or anyone at all.   These women are after all ambitious and selfish women who want to compete unfairly with men with the sledgehammer of totalitarian anti-discrimination legislation.

A slut is a fornicatress.

What is a fornicatress?  A fornicatress is a woman who has sex with men not her husband.

Why is this a Bad Thing?

Because if we say it is OK for women to be fornicatresses then we will be swept away in a tsunami of sluttery and bastardy, even with the availability of modern contraception.

When you are overwhelmed by a tsunami of sluttery and bastardy it will no longer be socially acceptable to criticise sluts.

This is when your society loses its memory and forgets the meaning of fornication.

Remember: all fornicatresses are sluts, and sluts are stupid.

If sex were a drug, then a slut would be a drug-dealer who consumes her own stock and becomes a drug addict rather than finding an exclusive and regular customer who will pay her the highest price.

If you wonder why there is more crime and more learning-disabled people around now, look at the sluts around you who make bad reproductive choices by fucking maniacs and losers who are not their husbands and then neglect to bring up their illegitimate offspring properly because they are single mums.

Nor will they have enough children because they will be too busy being working mothers who will become divorced mothers who will become single mothers.

Many clever women will end up not having children at all, while the stupid ones breed in large numbers.

They are the cause of our Culture of Entitlement and Excuses.

They are also the cause of immigration because the indigenous working classes are no longer fit for purpose.

Why else do successive governments conspire to promote immigration even as they know their voters dislike it?

Because most of their voters are sluts and bastards or the sex partners, friends and family of sluts and bastards.

The leaders of political parties don’t want to offend these voters when all they want is a referendum on the EU, or a smaller state, or to repatriate other races, or whatever it is that they want.

After all, most men secretly or not so secretly like sluts because they lower the price of sex, which is what most men want from women most of the time, if they are not homosexual.  Sluts, already having low standards of sexual morality will be indifferent to homosexual men having sex with each other, because they are too stupid to see that sexual liberation is bad for their society.

This rather explains why, in The Land of Compulsory Fornication that is Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland, most people do not find the very idea of “gay marriage” at all offensive.

“The lower the morals of women, the lower the morals of men.”

The Bhagavad Gita:

“Out of the corruption of women proceeds the corruption of races; out of the corruption of races, the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory, the loss of understanding, and out of this all evil.”


Anonymous said…
"...look at the sluts around you who make bad reproductive choices by fucking maniacs and losers who are not their husbands..."
So is she making good reproductive choices by fucking a maniac loser who IS her husband?

Claire Khaw said…
It is easier for a woman to accidentally fuck a loser and a maniac than it is to marry a husband who is a loser and a maniac.
idnami said…
There are women's shelters FULL of people who could give you an argument on that. So could my mom.

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