A N Wilson questions the benefits of the Sex Revolution but does not mention FEMINISM


It seems that A N Wilson does not make the connection between extremist feminism and the Sex Revolution.         I do not know if this is through not seeing the connection or fearing to make the connection or a reluctance to point out that the Empress's New Clothes are not clothes at all and do not become her one bit.

Which of the above is it, Andrew?

A patriarchy is a society in which male promiscuity is condoned.

A matriarchy is a society in which female promiscuity is condoned, and even encouraged.   A matriarchy is also a society in which even alpha males are afraid of criticising sluts, because sluts and bastards would then be in the majority.  Does any party leader of any political party in this country criticise sluts?  Of course not.  We know who is in power by those whom we cannot criticise: SLUTS.  

Are we a patriarchy or a matriarchy?  What do you think, dear reader?

Which is the lesser evil?

What must you do, if you are a rational person, when confronted with two evils, one greater than the other?

Or are we all now too degenerate to work this out?

Oh, and the only good matriarchy is a DEAD matriarchy.

Do you approve of Sally Feldman, who so delighted in corrupting the morals of the nation that she boasted that she was glad that her daughter had under-age sex at http://newhumanist.org.uk/756/why-im-glad-my-daughter-had-under-age-sex?

Are you afraid of criticising this immoral woman who is Head of the School of Media at Westminster University and poisoning the airwaves ?  Of course you are.  Well, I am not.   


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