I cannot attend a meeting of prospective mayoral candidates because I have been been suspended from the BNP

On 27 June, I received an email stating :

"It's my duty to inform you that as a result of your cyber activities, you have been reported to the executive disciplinary committee for bringing the party into disrepute."

On the same day I received a notice of my suspension which means I cannot attend any meetings, and in particular the meeting at which prospective mayoral candidates will be selected. It states:

"Your membership of the British National Party has been suspended, pending an investigation into alleged serious breaches of the BNP Code of Conduct. 

While suspended you may not take part in any Party event, attend meetings or send circulars that give the impression that you hold any position within the Party. You are required to fully comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Party constitution.

Failure to comply with these requirements could result in your expulsion from membership of the Party, and Civil or Criminal proceedings being taken against you.

You will be informed of the outcome of the investigation in due course."
I asked:

"Do I have the right to defend myself and be told what I am accused of?"

The response I received:

"We are in the investigatory period at the moment. We will keep you informed of developments."

I guess the answer is "No" then.

It was the former North East Organiser Chez Dunn who reported my comments on the Facebook wall of Charlotte Lewis, another former BNP organiser who is now also suspended pending an investigation.

Charlotte and I were expressing surprise and disappointment at how few nationalists now appear to believe in family values. She also agreed with me that if she were to have a severely disabled baby, she would not wish to bring it up either and agreed with my solution, which was to dispose of it myself ie commit infanticide, if the midwife would not dispose of it for us. This was indeed common practice as evidenced at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midwifery#Early_Historical_Perspective

"After the delivery, the midwife made the initial call on whether or not an infant was healthy and fit to rear. She inspected the newborn for congenital deformities and testing its cry to hear whether or not it was robust and hearty. Ultimately, midwives made a determination about the chances for an infant’s survival and likely recommended that a newborn with any severe deformities be exposed."

Ms Dunn is herself a single mother with disabled offspring. She threatened to maim and kill me on her Facebook wall in the following terms on Saturday 25 June 2011 at 12:31:

"If anyone wants to take a screenie, tell Claire that when I get my hands on her it won't be my children that are born disabled, she will be the disabled one and lets see if her husband wants to care for a drain on society or if he would have her put down. What a cheeky slut. I will kill the bitch."

The disabled are electorally insignificant, and what I said did not threaten them in any way.

All I said was that I would not wish to bring up a severely disabled baby, and would not wish to pass the cost of the care of such a child to the taxpayer, so if the midwife would not do it for me, I would have to commit infanticide. This is because I know it would not have much of a life if I passed it like a parcel to the uncertain kindness of strangers and to carers who do not care, but instead neglect, bully and abuse their charges as was seen at Winterbourne Vew in Panorama recently.

This however now translates into the defamatory claim that "Claire Khaw wants to kill all disabled people."

I believe some members would rather have a white candidate polling fewer votes than an ethnic member attracting more votes and reminded of members of the Chinese Communist Party who said they would rather have the weeds of communism than the fruits of capitalism.

Do I regret what I said about what I would do with my own severely disabled baby? No, because what I said was the truth that most Britons would admit, if they were not drowning in their own cowardice and hypocrisy in the way a heroin addict might be drowning in his own vomit.

Four men have privately admitted that if they were presented with a baby as severely disabled as Riven Vincent's Celyn, they would have it smothered too. It is quite understandable that they would not wish to keep a child like that out of taxed income. It is unlikely, however, that Riven Vincent's husband has much taxed income to speak of from the sound of things at http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2011/jun/09/disability-cuts-mumsnet-david-cameron

Celyn's father, Mark Williams, makes sure he is home from work every day at the same time she returns from school. Riven has had multiple sclerosis for 13 years, and three years ago began using a wheelchair outside the house, and a stick to get around inside, making her doubly sensitive to changes in government policy that affect disabled people. As a result her husband does more than 50% of the caring for Celyn. A research scientist, he works part-time, fitting his hours around Celyn's school timetable. "He worked full time until she was two or three, and then it just became too hard," Riven says.

By suspending me and preventing me from becoming mayoral candidate and thereby punishing me for what I said, it does rather suggest that they would rather endorse the lifestyle choices of Riven Vincent and Chez Dunn than criticise them, even when it is pretty clear that so many decades of condoning the bad reproductive choices of white British women is the cause of Britain's decline. That is why the stupid breed with the poor, producing the feeble-minded, morally destitute feeble-bodied populace we now have. The British are now more accurately described as "dipso, fatso, bingo, Tesco, ASBO and paedo", and that is why the foreigners keep coming to do the jobs that the locals are no longer capable of doing, and that is why they don't want to integrate. They don't want to integrate because they don't want their daughters becoming single mothers and they don't want their sons to be divorced homeless losers who have lost contact with his children because his ex-wife has decided it doesn't suit her to have him around.

I really cannot see how encouraging more white women to behave like Riven Vincent and Chez Dunn would improve the quality and future of the white race, but I guess the BNP are not really into advocating unpopular solutions, and prefer to continue blaming foreigners for all their ills.

It is a great shame really, that a party formed for the purpose of promoting the interests of white people should so unthinkingly support one of their own rather than another who is not of their race, but who has stuck her neck out for them in the face of predictable vilification by the liberal establishment.

Still, if they want to discipline me and expel me for saying what most white people are too afraid to say and prevent me from attending a meeting at which I could be selected as mayoral candidate, then the way ahead is clear for me.

I can just pack my bags and go home and leave white people to choke on their own vomit of hypocrisy and cowardice, while poor, promiscuous and stupid white people continue to have more illegitimate and disabled children (with the encouragement of the BNP) and wonder why their country is going to the dogs and Muslims.

http://www.1party4all.co.uk/Home/Account/TopicForm.aspx?topicsId=151 has a poll in which you are invited to decide whether I would attract more votes than a white candidate for the 2012 London mayoral candidate.

NB: The question is not whether you want me to become the BNP mayoral candidate because I am your Facebook friend or because you think it would be quite entertaining, but whether you actually believe I would attract significantly more votes than the other candidates.


Adolfo said…
Who needs those hilly billies? Why don't you set up a military coup?
Claire Khaw said…
Adolfo, I need people to help me stage a military coup, don't I?

Even if they are hill billies ...
Adolfo said…
Sure thing! As tough you would get a good deal of help from a bunch of politicians who wear pink shirts! You need a different kind of help. I am going to tell you how you can stage a coup.
Spot a number of high ranking officials from the Elite UK Forces (I’d say no less than 30, but no more than 50). Browse among the Special Air Service (SAS), the Special Boat Service (SBS), the Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR), the Special Forces Support Group (SFSG) and the Parachute Regiment. Try to assemble a group of military officials in which half of them are over 60 (those who can tell about better days of the UK) and the other half to be younger, but over 40 (those who can combine youth and maturity and want a future for their children). Once you have assembled such a group of military, send them personalized invitations to gather at some Victorian countryside house in the outside of London. Tell them any story you need to bring them: That they were invited to Royal Ascot but they need to pick up the tickets in that place, that the IT Crowd cast is going to hold an autograph session, that they were chosen to be part of the new cast of Big Brother, etc. As soon as they arrive, they would be taken to a magnificent and spacious living room, where they would get drinks and appetizers. At the head of the living room there would be a couch which with a cautionary note stating that such sofa is reserved. Be sure (it’s very important) to have three huge portraits of King Henry VIII, Emperor Flavius Constantine and General Carl von Clausewitz hanging on the walls and nothing else.
Adolfo said…
Once that the group is complete and they have started wondering about the real reason of their staying there, you would show up from upstairs. You would welcome them and would tell the following line: “Gentlemen, thanks for being here, I have asked you to come because your country needs you! The United Kingdom needs you!” Then you would elaborate about how the once great, brutal, merciless British Empire (‘the Empire on which the sun never sets’) is now almost dead and its future is doomed. The reason why the UK is in a sorry ass condition is not the growing number of wide-grinning piccaninnies that crowd London’s downtown, but the fact that in the last three, four decades Britain has been subject of the wrong policies (avoid mentioning whether those policies are conservative or liberal or if they has been instrumented by the Tories or the Laborists). In such a way today Britons have a Royal Family who spends more time in the pages of the Daily Mirror than performing State duties. The family, the basic unit of any society, is now corrupted, a majority of children are born out of the wedlock, delivered by single mothers, darlings of the welfare state, who have an average of three children of different races from five different fathers (like Madonna). Public education is an embarrassment. Anglicanism, the State religion is a joke after years of playing PC. Men and male traits are criminalized; fathers are treated as criminals in Family Courts. Quantitative easing is on big time and soon the Weimar Republic would make a spectacular coming back to London. Etcetera, etcetera.
Adolfo said…
Let’s suppose that the Parliament passes a bill giving more benefits to single mothers, the Guardians would veto it. Let’s suppose that the Queen has agreed to give back the Falklands to their legitimate owners (the Argies); the Guardians would advise her on that decision. Let’s suppose that a woman makes a rape accusation after 7 years of the supposed crime was committed and the judge in charge gives a warrant; the Guardians would reverse such a decision and would make arrangements to terminate with extreme prejudice the judge’s appointment. Due to the importance of their duties, the Guardians would enjoy some privileges. They would have the right to have as many wives as they want under Muslim Marriage Contracts. They would have free access to Muslim Brothels which would be opened all over England (by the way, I hope you haven’t forgotten our little deal). The Queen would provide the Guardians a life of comfort, honor and prestige. Once you have explained all of this, you would end saying the following: “Gentleman, you have a duty, a patriotic and moral duty with your Motherland. The same kind of duty men like King Henry VIII, Emperor Constantine and General Carl von Clausewitz had and met properly and with honor”. Then you are going to mute for about half a minute allowing your guests to connect the points. Finally, you would go and sit on the reserved couch and say: “Gentlemen, I claim the Throne of the UK for The House of Khaw, under the reign of Andromeda I; while I solemnly swear before Allah that my only and most important duty would be to restore our greatness and national pride. But I need your help; I need you to do the right thing”. If your guests agree, they would do the rest.
Claire Khaw said…
I am charmed by the picture you have painted in so much glorious detail. If only you could be my consort!
MarkyMark said…
I'd heard that free speech was dead in Britain; I guess this makes it official.pr
Adolfo said…
LOL! Your consort? I don’t think so. I don’t endorse Monarchy nor State religions nor Islam. Actually I am a Republican-Communist-Atheist-Nietzschean. Take it like this: I have a B. S. in Industrial Engineering and I am a strategic planning consultant, so I don’t resist the temptation of advising people. My interest here is very selfish, I want to make a fortune running brothels in the UK as soon as Britannia is liberated from the demented matriarchy that now rules over it.
P. S. By the way, the 3rd part of my plan for a coup is missing (where I explain what “The Legacy” is), did you get it?
Claire Khaw said…
Adolfo, you said “Gentlemen, I claim the Throne of the UK for The House of Khaw, under the reign of Andromeda I ..."
Adolfo said…
This is the 3rd part I am talking about, before you claim the throne, you tell the potential leaders of the coup what’s in it for them:

Once you have listed all these calamities you propose the solution: The Queen must take on the national problems reshaping the foundations of the State through a Libertarian National Socialistic Secular Koranist ideology. Then you explain this concept to them very quickly. After that you add that the Queen cannot rule alone, so she would need some help from a group of wise military men who would be enthroned as “The Guardians of the Legacy” and who would assemble in “The House of the Legacy”. Let’s explain these concepts. The Queen would deliver to the People of the UK her comments or interpretations about the Quran and related topics under a compendium known as “The Legacy”. A new house of Law would be created: “The House of the Legacy”. Its members would be active or retired military appointed by the Queen. Their duties would include among others: To assist the Queen, on her request, to make the best State decisions, to veto any bill passed by the Parliament which contradicts “The Legacy”. To reverse any judicial decision which contradicts “The Legacy”. To terminate with extreme prejudice any social element whose behavior contradicts “The Legacy”. “The Guardians” would assemble at “The House”, a chamber which would be built next to Buckingham Palace. The Guardians would assemble immediately at the request of the Queen or within a period of 72 hours at the request of one of their members. Every Guardian would have legal and social immunity. A Guardian will not be prosecuted nor could be dishonored in public unless his status is stripped by the Queen (this is to avoid cases like that of Dominique Strauss-Kahn).

As for the phrase “I claim the throne of the UK for the House of Khaw…”, I took it from your mind. Just do your thing, say it to the right people at the right time.
knn said…
Claire, you are a victim of Political Correctness Terrorism.

You should start your own Political Incorrect Party.
Claire Khaw said…
Yes, even the BNP are infected by PC.

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