British mothers so SHIT now they don't even teach their children their own names

 'E don't talk to me so I don't talk to 'im', 

said one of the mothers interviewed, of her baby.​y/hi/today/newsid_9550000/​9550213.stm

0810 Why do some children go to school not even knowing their own name? Neil Wilson, executive head teacher of Newall Green High School, tells Sanchia Berg about the scale of the problem and the government's communication champion for children Jean Gross, explains what the government is doing to tackle the issue.

Stupider and stupider the white British are getting, and it is all because shit feminists dare not say anything against shit for brains shit single mums and the shit for brains shit for guts government that tolerates this SHIT.

Bet the BNP men are too shit scared to tell their own women off. Bet they still want to attract the female vote, which includes the shit single mums who don't teach their children their own name.

The lower the morals of the women, the lower the morals of the men, and the more shit for brains the entire race becomes, because sluts will go forth and multiply with bastards at taxpayers' expense, the spawn of the stupid mated with the poor, the degraded with the depraved.

"Among British-born mothers the proportion of babies born out of wedlock is likely to be above the landmark 50 per cent already"

The entire country will become a fucking RETARD, probably well BEFORE I am dead.


MarkyMark said…
Don't take this the wrong way, but my oh my, how the mighty Brits have fallen! It's such a shame too. As goes Britain, so goes America...

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