'Cock/Prick-teasers' now victimise men with impunity

Slut walk protests and the impact on men

Two months ago a Toronto police officer's advice to women not to dress like 'sluts' if they wanted to avoid sexual attack prompted protests across the World. Slut walks protests started and more of the scantily clad demonstrations are now planned for the summer in cities such as Norwich and Leeds. They’ve divided women on whether they’re the best way of tackling sexual violence. But what’s their impact on men? Jenni is joined by the lawyer Nick Freeman and Tom Deadman, student and volunteer activist with The White Ribbon Campaign.

It is strange how the term 'cockteaser' and 'prickteaser' seems to have passed out of the entire male consciousness.   Nick Freeman was surely old enough to have heard of the term.

I thought this rather Orwellian, frankly, or perhaps they didn't quite dare say the word in front of Dame Jenni for fear of the consequences. 

Perhaps the male equivalent of doing this would be to get a woman to propose to you, say "Yes, yes, yes!" and then change your mind at the last minute after she has sent out the invitations and bought herself a wedding dress.


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