BNP *not* prepared to promote family values supported by marriage

Expelled BNP member:

"Claire, they will not promote family values because there are probably more unmarried parents in the BNP than there are in the Labour Party (even Red Ed made an honest woman of the mother of his children eventually). A neighbouring branch had difficulty finding candidates at election time, because so many of its male members were not on the electoral register, due to their 'partners' claiming to be single mothers, when in actual fact these men lived with their 'partners' & kids." 

It was on the word of a single mother with disabled offspring that caused my suspension which eventually led to my expulsion.

I wonder what John Tyndall would have thought of this state of affairs, and of a nationalist party led by men who are too afraid to be seen to be uncompromisingly promoting family values supported by marriage because they wish to attract the fickle, unprincipled female vote by acts of unmasculine surrender rather than using reason and arguments to appeal to the rest of the populace.

If only the BNP would acknowledge that without the reconsecration of the institutions of marriage and family, the white race will continue on its downward slide into decline, degradation, dementia and barbarism while the Muslims, whom they hate and fear and who are not afraid to promote family values supported by marriage, will always do better than they.

But if they are now too addicted to their welfare and cheap women that they cannot and do not wish to extricate themselves from this downward trajectory, then there is not much to be said and done.

"God does not change the lot of those who do not change what is in their hearts." 


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