Tracey Emin's Running Naked to be claimed by the BNP?

Tracey Emin Running Naked

I have now finally warmed to Tracey Emin.  Isn't there something so iconic about Running Naked?  It would go down so very well at BNP meetings too.

The BNP should claim Tracey Emin and of course offer to make good the damage done to British womanhood after so many decades of unchecked feminism and female promiscuity with their very sensible policies of marriage and family, kirk und kinder (or perhaps marriage and mosque). She even lives in the East End, which is of course the home of British Nationalism.

What I like about Tracey is that she perfectly exemplifies sexually damaged British womanhood. Raped at 13, put on the pill by her mother at 14, who even now doesn't want her daughter to get pregnant because she doesn't want to have to look after Tracey's child, because Tracey is bound to be a single mum, isn't she?

Understandably, Tracey's mum has spent most of her life looking after other people and no longer wants to do so.  When she had to have Tracey's cats they ruined her curtains.  She even had to have her home fumigated because of a flea infestation, so no more looking after any of Tracey's cats or babies, says Tracey's mum.

If you had a daughter would you like her to be like Tracey Emin?

And if you had Tracey Emin as a daughter would you want her to have children?  Or not have any children at all or to preserve her artistic integrity of post-feminist angst and self-sexual abuse?

I recommend that all mothers concerned for their daughters' sexual future drag their adolescent daughters along to explain what could happen to them if they follow the path of promiscuity and casual shagging.

They won't all end up rich and famous with a nice house in Spitalfields though, but as workaholic independent childless despised slags with a drink and drug problem, or perhaps welfare-dependent single mothers with variously-fathered feral children with a drink and drug problem ....

These are the fascinating questions one must ask oneself, because they are moral and artistic dilemmas.

As Tracey's mum said so profoundly and fatefully, "We only ever do the things we are meant to do." 


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