Slutwalk London UK on Saturday 11 June

Perhaps the stupid sluts will go and buy lingerie from an expensive lingerie shop just for this occasion?  You never know how stupid sluts can be these days.

Let us hope none of them get raped after the demo or accept drinks from strange men at the pub they will no doubt be gathering at after the demo.   Perhaps they can be persuaded to put on their burkhas that will be handed to them, by kindly Muslim sisters attending the slutwalk more in sorrow than in anger, for extra protection.

Perhaps men and women should turn up in niqabs for a counter-demonstration?  (You can all get your niqabs in Shepherd's Bush Market. Buy two so you can chat up a slut and offer to sell one or give her one.  If you are especially silver-tongued you could persuade a slut to buy a burkha, or just give her one if you are feeling charitable.)

Suggested chant by Muslims, BNP and anti-feminists:

"Stupid sluts, stupid sluts, what are you doing?

Stupid sluts, stupid sluts, fancy a shag?" 

I think it would be nice day out if the weather's fine.  


Anonymous said…
Your a prick!
Anonymous said…
mmm this is not fair! it clashes with the worldwide annual bikeride! - what to do? should you join us? what time is it on trafalgar square... veerry tight!
Claire Khaw said…
1pm at Trafalgar Square says the poster.
Claire Khaw said…
I think "h" means "*you're* a prick!"

I hate it when people confuse "your" with "you're" - yet further evidence of our matriarchally demented times.

Matriarchal dementia = returning to barbarism

Dispensing with the rules of grammar, spelling and punctuation are conclusive signs of low standards of education, behaviour and morality brought on by the widespread tolerance of single motherhood, widespread illegitimacy and female promiscuity.
Adolfo said…
Maybe men should organize the ‘Pimp Walk’ at the same time and recruit some fresh meat. Problem is I can’t spot any spring chicken in that parade.
ieti said…
really really beautiful work

kisses from brazilian student

keep fighting. we're fighting here as well

for women rights
for nature right
for political right
against all prejudices (is that the word? for discriminations etc)


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