My criticism of single mums may lead to my not being selected as 2012 BNP London mayoral candidate

It would appear that I may not become the 2012 London mayoral candidate because of ideological reasons (my views on single mums) rather than my ethnicity.  I got the impression from meetings that quite a few people liked the idea of my being candidate. They were certainly not hostile. Some were even warm and encouraging, so I will not have it said that, if I were to be rejected as candidate, that it was because of my ethnicity.

In these matters one wonders if one should have been more circumspect about uttering such heresies as criticising single mums in the land where single mums rule with a fist of iron, but I have no regrets.

It is my considered view that widespread illegitimacy and family breakdown has been very very bad for white people, who are the people most affected by the destructive policies of liberalism and feminism.

Singly-parented children tend not to do well educationally and socially, and this makes them less desirable as employees, which means that the jobs go to foreigners who are on the whole not singly-parented and better employees.

One of the main reasons why Muslims won't integrate is because they don't want their children to become singly-parenting, divorced and don't want their children to give them illegitimate and probably feral grandchildren.

I know how distasteful Muslims find female promiscuity and understand completely why they would wish to prevent their own children from suffering the same fate as the white working classes and turning into welfare-dependent single mothers or NEETs.

It would be betrayal of my principles and even the interests of BNP supporters to keep quiet about this when about half the babies born in Britain are now born out of wedlock.

If the BNP is too afraid of telling the truth because it is afraid of single mums and feminists, then it is just as bad and in thrall to the feminazis as all the other parties.

If I have demonstrated this ugly truth by failing to be selected as mayoral candidate because of my views on single mums, then at least I will have made my point.

I suppose there is is no harm however in asking people who think I am right to make this stand on family values supported by marriage - whether they are BNP supporters or not - to email the Chairman

It has been suggested that there may not even be a 2012 BNP London mayoral candidate at all, because of funding issues. I do not know how true this is, however, and I am sure the funding will come if my stand on the institutions of marriage and family strikes a chord with British people of all races and faiths.

It is not as if anyone else is saying the things I am saying about feckless never-married single mums who are a burden on the state and causing the quality of the national gene pool to decline, together with our educational standards and our moral standing in the world.  And so I find myself stepping dutifully into the breach, even as I know will get shot as the bearer of bad news.  


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