"Single Mother on the Verge" by Maria Roberts


A new type of 'family'.

A new trend is emerging among single parents to advertise on the internet in order to set up flat shares with each other. The appeal of such an arrangement is to offer both single parent and child an expanded family set up in better accommodation than they would be able to afford otherwise. But economic advantage aside, is it a good idea? To discuss, Jenni is joined by Maria Roberts, author of ‘Single Mother on the Verge’ who is a supporter of such schemes and by psychologist Dr. Richard Woolfson.

‘Single Mother On The Verge’ by Maria Roberts is published by Penguin
ISBN -10: 0141037776

Another toxic destructive idea dreamt up by these depraved single mothers who are now increasing in number exponentially? Surely, but surely, it is a recipe for paedophilia, under aged sex, unwanted teenage pregnancy, child abuse and childhood traumas? It will all go wrong and then they will want taxpayers' money to bail them out, you mark my words.

When we are convulsing in our death throes through an excess of STDs and national dementia, feeble-minded through generations of bastardy and free for all sex, then the Muslims will take over.

Why are women so stupid? And why are British men so feeble-minded as to allow this sort of rot to go unchallenged?





MarkyMark said…
I don't know the situation in the UK, but over here in the USA, if American men tried to stop this feminist insanity, they'd be JAILED. We cannot legally do anything without risking ruination of our lives! Combine that with the fact that men are discriminated against in society (especially for employment), we simply cannot afford to challenge the cultural rot.

Those who can afford to do so are getting out of here; they're expatriating to other nations. Those of us who can't leave are choosing to fly under the radar, and to preserve what we have. Those are, as I see it, the only two options men have. I don't think it'd be different over there, based on what UK guys tell me.

Cultures are like people in that they go through stages of life. Cultures are born; they grow; then, they decline. As part of their decline, a culture suffers a form of dementia. Like a person with dementia, once it's started, there's NO TURNING BACK; once the process is started, it cannot and will not be reversed. Ergo, the only choice for those who stay is to live quietly. If the good remnant of people try to do anything to arrest a society's decline, they'll be punished, thanks to the after effects of the cultural dementia. You can read more about this at The Decline of Our Civilisation. It's by an Aussie chap who covers this topic in sufficient depth, while keeping it from being too lengthy to read.


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