Thoughtcrime, Hate Crime and Equality before the Law

Why has gay bashing risen by 20% in London, ie in the Tower Hamlets - a predominantly Muslim area?

Is it because the Muslims (whose Koran informs them that homosexual acts are sinful) are beating up gays more than any other group?

Is it anything to do with the increasingly militancy of homosexuals and how they are perceived to be a sort of gay mafia taking over the country and given special privileges, and the "gayer than Labour" message the Tories are trying to give?

When two groups protected by PC legislation are in conflict with each other, who wins?

Hate Crime (ie assaulting or killing someone because you hate them) attracts a higher penalty than if you did not particularly hate them.

Why on earth would you attack or kill someone if you did not hate them?

So, attacking a homosexual, disabled person or someone on religious or racial grounds, would attract a higher penalty than if you attacked a member of the BNP, would it?

How does this square with the principle of equality before the law?

It's official then, is it, that here in the UK there is no equality before the law?

There is a very simple Libertarian solution to this: repeal all hate crime, which is but thoughtcrime. If you punish properly those who kill and attack others, then there would be no problem, would it?

It is just possible that our legislators have got their knickers in a twist and have had their knickers in a twist for a very long time.


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