Policing and Crime Bill, prostitution, brothel-keeping , LIBERTY and family values

As a Libertarian, I am all for the legalisation of prostitution. This being so, prostitutes should be allowed to work in brothels for their own safety. Brothel-keeping is however illegal in this country.

The English Collective of Prostitutes http://www.prostitutescollective.net/ are campaigning for brothel-keeping to be legal, yet are strangely welcoming and tolerant of foreign hookers who come here and take the bread out of their mouths, lowering the prices in the same way that foreign competition from plumbers, workmen etc would lower wages for locals.

Perhaps this strangely contradictory position is something that is typically female. If I were an English prostitute I wouldn't be welcoming the competition, but perhaps it is a feminist sisterhood thing.

The government's desire to criminalise men who have transacted with women who turn out to have been "trafficked" may perhaps be some sneaky attempt by the government at immigration control. Trafficked women are after all deported.

It would appear that the Labour government cannot stop itself from interfering in people's lives and this must be fought tooth and nail by those of us who care for our liberties.

It is now illegal for policewomen to mind each other's children. Or to visit schools regularly without having to "prove" you are not a paedophile and pay the "paedophile tax".

First, they infantilise women and assume no rational woman would be a prostitute, and then criminalise anyone who wishes to transact with them.

The truth is that there are many women who prefer not to clean toilets and would rather not work in Primark. They choose prostitution for perfectly rational reasons of getting more money and spending less time doing less work. There is also undeniably an element of skill in this trade.

Compassion must be extended to men who cannot find wives and girlfriends to give sex
to them for "free" and who have to buy sex on an ad hoc basis.

These men should not be victimised by the Fundamentalist Feminists who hate both men and women.

These "Fundie Femmies" hate women because they wish to stop women from doing what they are best at doing, ie mothering and providing men with physical pleasure.

They make a point of sending mothers out to work and make a point of victimising prostitutes by creating restrictions that would endanger their lives, health and safety, such as criminalising brothel-keeping, which would at least allow them to work in safer conditions than in a kerb-crawling punter's car, his hotel room or any premises controlled by him.

What they should be doing is sanctify marriage again and discourage single mummery, but these Fundie Femmies are immovable on the right of women to be as promiscuous as men, for their toxic ideological reasons.

Doesn't the Labour government know that they could tax the earnings of both prostitutes and brothel-keepers to assist in the National Debt, Balance of Payments and Tourism?

We know that many non-white men prefer blondes. To be a better-paid prostitute one would learn a variety of foreign languages and cultivate more feminine graces, which can only be a good thing. One cannot help but be reminded of famous and powerful courtesans such as Madame de Pompadour http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madame_de_Pompadour.

Indeed, if one were to agree with the position that all women are prostitutes (because all men are punters), we would have a healthier and more compassionate attitude towards prostitution, and usher in a new Golden Age of Inter-Gender Entente, where family values reign, our children are biddable and a credit to their undivorced and unseparated biological parents.

Why are the British allowing the likes of the discredited Harriet Harman of a discredited government to interfere and ruin the lives of yet more men and women?

Because they (and we) are all sad and mad and bad, irrational, hypocritical, cowardly and dishonest, that's why.

http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/stopnordicmodel/ to sign the petition against the Nordic model of criminalising punters.


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