British Asian Men don't want to marry British Asian women infected by feminism

But that's no surprise. Non-Asian British men also want wives uninfected by feminism and frequently go to the Far East or Eastern Europe to shop for their brides, those of them who can afford to.

Perhaps I should start a Stepford Wives Academy so local women also get a look-in?


What well educated, self respecting woman, regardless of her culture, would choose to marry a husband who seeks only a submissive drudge for a wife? Good luck in the Far East, boys.
Aenarion said…
A man who doesn't want to get shafted by a Feminist looking for a free ride in life at the man's expense despite claiming not needing a man.
Anonymous said…
Amen to that Aenarion! I am tired of women always playing the victim cards. Honestly, the victim card can only be played for so long (years now) that maybe its time to take responsibility instead of always blaming everything on men.
Anonymous said…
Isn't Germain Greer single?.............I wonder why. Women didn't evolve from femanist females, they evolved from the whores and adulterers. We all did, men dont want a doormat for a partner but we dont want a confused penis envying harpy either, we just want a good WOMAN!

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