The 21st Century Alpha Male is the one who understands how to turn Feminism to his own advantage

This is done by being masculine while parroting feminist principles as if he believed in them to lull her into a false sense of security that she is dealing with a New (and feminist-submissive) Man.

He would get the woman to give him sexual access to her body while making her pay her share for everything.

He would make sure that he becomes the househusband while sending his woman out to work.

When she whinges about this, he can say, in an aggrieved tone of voice: "But, darling, I thought you believed in gender equality."

He can then point out to her that she earns more than he does anyway, so it wouldn't make sense for him to go out and her to stay home.

When she finally has enough and divorces him, he can take her to the cleaners.

To do this as a career option, all you have to do is be very good in bed and understand her moods. In short, beat women at their own game.


Anonymous said…
I actually wrote a couple of posts about this. I love feminism because of the precise fact that if you're an alpha male, you can use it to your advantage. for example, now that women have more money, women can now spend money on alpha males.
srizals said…
The problem is that in reality, real men are a dying breed. A genuine alpha male would never survive on other's pity, especially of a woman.
curiepoint said…
It seems like far too much work for far too little gain. Better to live and define life on one's own terms and ignore what everyone else thinks.

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