Who says money can't buy you love - or something like it?

by Quintus Slide, page 53, Money Week, 8 February 2008

  • "I'm not ashamed to admit I'm searching for a man wealthy enough to look after me. It's not that I'm afraid to work., it's just that I know I could have more out of life."
  • "I'm used to being treated nicely and living in luxury. I wear the most expensive clothes, like Valentino, Versace and Chloe, and Dom Perignon is my favourite champagne. I'd find it tough to settle for someone without money."

The quotes above come from two satisfied customers of http://www.sugardaddie.com/, a dating site for wealthy men and the women who want to go out with them.

The second woman quoted is a 29 year old Russian model called Angelina Monteiro. According to the News of the World, she recently "auditioned" a prospective new sugar daddy to keep her in the high life. The audition went well and after four dates the new sugar daddy was "so smitten with her" that he set her up in a luxury flat in Mayfair and agreed to pay "lavishly" for her keep. She's coy about the exact amount, though she did confess that a previous married lover paid about £7,500 a month into her bank account.

The new one, who's 45, is good-looking, she says, "with nice manners and kind eyes" and very romantic. He drives a Ferrari and only wears designer clothes - that was one of the first things I noticed about him."

Finding a rich husband, as the News of the World says, is a new trend on the Internet. As well as http://www.sugardaddie.com/, there's another site called http://www.seekingmillionaire.com/ and the sites don't make "any bones" about the service they offer. http://www.sugardaddie.com/ now has 250,000 members and its membership is growing by 4,000 a week. It's a simple deal, says psychologist Dr Sheila Keegan: "These girls are saying: 'You get my youth and looks and I get to share your money.' "

I've no idea who dreamt up the site, but it's perfect for our age. I'm sure it'll make a packet.


DavidCW said…
My advice to date a millionaire is not to be intimidated by the word “millionaire”. And communicate with people who are being in a relationship. Or some online millionaire dating sites will help you.

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