Why is Uganda attacking homosexuality?


Because it wants to distance itself from the West. It is all the fault of the proselytising pro-gay West whose Anglican Church allows gay bishops and they don't want to be like us.

Christian Africans are probably also tired of being taunted by Muslim Africans for being gay and want to show the world how tough they can be.

It is all the fault of PC-liberalism. If we weren't so pro-gay they wouldn't be so anti-gay.

It is all our fault.


edmund said…
I do not know why they are doing this but I can say with confidence that they have gone one step too far.

It's one thing to have a government policy that discourages homosexuality by refusing to give it legal recognition. It is quite another to launch a vicious campaign using state apparatus.
Invictus_88 said…
Quite so, Edmund.

As the Roman Catholic Church proves, one needn't propose the imprisonment and extradition of homosexuals to take a position contrary to that of gay marriage and so-forth.

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