Meal Tickets and Sex Objects, Prostitutes and Punters

Men are meal tickets, women are sex objects.

Marriage is intended to be a long-term partnership of a prostitute and a punter who each hope that their children will turn out to be a good investment.

If we remember this, we are less likely to be disappointed.


Mario said…

What can I say? I guess nothing, you said it all. I am starting wondering if making such a deal with a woman makes any sense.

Anonymous said…

But what is the option beyond cohabitation? There is still a number of heterosexuals, male and female, who at some point in their lifes want to procreate children and raise a family. Call it the way you want, whether the instinct to preserve the species, the fear of ageing alone and childless or just the curiosity of having offspring. Maybe we the males should hire wombs in order to have our offspring. Alpha males should hire as many wombs as possible since they have the means to rise many children. Women, the owners of the wombs, could cash fixed amounts of money and scolarships for their procreation services, regardless how wealthy the semen donors are. I am going to stop here, this is insane!
Andromeda said…
There is nothing to stop a couple from formally contracting a domestic partnership IN ORDER TO bring up their children together specifying that FAULT has to be considered and damages paid by the party at fault should this partnership can be broken by either party.

Sharia law exists under a system of arbitration.

There is nothing to stop couples from opting for a similar system to opt of the UK family courts and between themselves choose an arbitrator to resolve any disputes they might have.

I suggest you contact Adrian Pellman, a family law solicitor, if you wish to discuss this further.

Tel: 01865 884400

1 Abbey Street, Eynsham, Oxford OX29 4TB
This resembles the Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) view.
Are you at all familiar with their movement?
Andromeda said…
No, but I have joined the forum.
Anonymous said…
This is how it used to be for ages. But it has not been the case for a while now. Men are certainly no longer meal tickets as most women work full time and buy their own meals and pay their own bills. Men hardly have any responsibilities these days.
Andromeda said…
I am suggesting that men ought to be meal tickets because women remain sex objects!
Anonymous said…
Well, then stop treating me like a sex object and walk your own way. I never asked for a meal ticket nor was I ever offered one. The problem is that most men have a tendency to view women as sex objects - a whole industry has been built to cater to this male need, in fact, the whole culture is conditioned to please the male. As I said, men have no duties or responsibilities today, they are absolutely free to do what and as they wish, hence they do not deserve the privileges and the status that the patriarchy once granted them (including respect and the elevated status in society). Hell, you can't even be safe to have a child with a man without fearing that you'll be left alone taking care of the kid, since he'll be after a younger, hotter piece of ass. Only a percentage are worth having a relationship with. Most of them are egotistical, useless hedonists.
Andromeda said…
Men and women need each other, "Anonymous". They need each other to bring up the next generation.
Anonymous said…
We only need useful men or men that can add something to our lives. And men on a marriage strike or misogynists are certainly not that. Neither are slackers and men who believe that women should do all or majority of housework. There are many singles these days, including men. A large part of them will remain single.
Andromeda said…
The men are poor, the women are promiscuous, and their children are getting stupider, more obese, drug-addicted, STD-infested, promiscuous and barbaric.

This is due to the lack of family values - BORING BUT TRUE - which I guess from the way you are talking you don't give a damn about, as long as you have your nice little career and your affluent little lifestyle, until you get a little older and find yourself childless, partnerless and wonder what it was all for.

I suppose you would then choose single mummery as a lifestyle choice, and just confine yourself to one child only, because no sensible man is going to love you AND what will probably be a little brat when he can have a younger woman without such baggage.

This is what most women in the West are condemning themselves to.

And then, I guess, the Muslims WILL take over.
Anonymous said…
Haha, should I even reply to all that hysterical stuff, how quick you are to make assumptions without even knowing anything about my life. These are just letters on a screen! :) Seems you're only familiar with cliches and stereotypes (clearly a sign you don't know shit about the modern woman) :) And I haven't said anything about MY values either, yet you are so quick to judge. Take a chill pill.

Most Western men do not want commitment, kids and a family. They want money, status, the hot chicks, the sex without strings attached, travel, bikes, cars, bachelor lifestyle, etc. Why don't you start with men first, the lack of their discipline, responsibility? Plenty of men do not want to support a wife and children, they wanna keep the money to themselves. It is not considered unmasculine if a guy does not pay for the lady, yet it is considered for the lady to be unfeminine if she has a 'career' (as if she has a choice but to pay her bills). Most men have very little of the Roman values. Of course, there are a few good ones left but they are not the majority.
No, most men in the West are not poor (actually they're the richest men in the world, they have plenty of money for those porn subscriptions, cars, gadgets, trips, whores). They're in a perfect material position to raise kids. It's just that they don't want to - they would rather be free, independent, unburdened.

Btw, many women are in a good position to raise their own baby. Many women have done that for decades now (not saying it's good, just saying it's a REALITY). And sometimes it is better to be single than together with an abusive guy, with a guy who's as demanding as a child, who doesn't support you financially yet expects you to cook him dinner.

There are still good guys out there (fyi, in constant contact with them and dating), but when it comes to partnership, it's better to have a good one, one which is worth investing in, or none at all.

Speaking of the younger model - you think you're the only one not aging? :) Guys have biological clocks too! :) Plenty of guys on dating sites 10-15 years older, winking and flirting - they don't stand a chance. There's hundreds of them (most of them average). Not gonna be enough young women for all of them.

The only solution for the whites is real gender equality, something similar to where Scandinavia is moving.

But it looks like Muslims are your choice, well, it doesn't seem easy for guys under Sharia... very barbaric. And constant war and discipline from the boy's age, gonna be hard for Western guys.
Anonymous said…
Alright, I gotta admit - I was playing a bit of a devil's advocate. Yet, the men are still the leaders of the society so it is the men that have to be dealt with in order to preserve the West and the white culture. Progressive social reform (such as father's rights, as they have in Scandinavia) and masculinity studies would surely help... :)
Andromeda said…
I know most men are not marrying and if getting married they are not staying with their wives.

Women have either hopelessly cheapened themselves or priced themselves right out of the market.

Something needs to be done.

In my opinion, men need to go on an official marriage strike and women need to go on an offical sex strike.

While the dispute is being resolved, prostitutes should profit.

Brothel-keeping should be legalised too.
Anonymous said…
You wish! :) Prostitution is not legal under Sharia, is it? :) You wish that women will be perfectly chaste, while men will visit prostitutes. Can't have your cake and eat it too. Under Christianity, Sharia, or totalitarian communism (or any other strict value system) the men do not enjoy such access to women, as the Western men do now. So if you want a 'virtuous' society like the old Christian society or Muslim, then the majority of men will not have easy access to sex (with females). It used to be that a man had to MARRY a woman just to get laid.

Men can be controlled with women's pxxy, and only if the access to pxxy is radically changed, will the men change too.

Women are of course too liberal with giving out sex. And the men lose manners and respect.. but what is interesting, is that despite of all this promiscuity, many of them still long for emotional warmth, for love, for family...
Anonymous said…
Oh, I assumed male prostitutes would also be legal. Young and hot ones :) That's fine then. We're even.
Andromeda said…
Well, MY version of Sharia law would legalise brothel-keeping because it would be good to remind men that there is no such thing as a free lunch and that we are all at heart punters and prostitutes.

The only thing that could sanctify such a contract would be to make it long term and base it on trust, respect and love.

Everything else is just an ad hoc transaction.

I hope you realise that there are many varieties of Sharia law. The new UK version (yet to be created) would legalise prostitution.
Anonymous said…
Are you female?
Andromeda said…
Why do you ask? How does it matter?
Anonymous said…
If you're female, you're a very interesting mix..
Adolfo said…
Your way of thinking is deliciously pragmatical, I never knew Muslim sharias were like that. Anyway, I found your site recently and I agree with most of what you say. Unlike you, who elaborate on Koranic beliefs (am I right?) my reasoning about why you should get married, or, as you say, establish a Domestic Partnership goes on analyzing three issues (I am an Atheist):
1. You should not get married to get free and secure sex on demand. Sex is at hand everywhere whether for free or paid. In Mexico you could hire a look alike model call girl for USD 80 per hour. Of course you can also have "free" sex with your girlfriend, which, by the way, is more expensive than hiring a call girl. But you don't need to be married to have sexual intercourse.
2. You should not get married to share your life with your soul partner. Thanks to our brilliant lawmakers, today marriage represents a great financial and legal risk for men. If you share the same likes and dislikes with another person (collecting postage stamps, classical movies, BDSM sex, soccer, ball room dancing, xenophobic reallies, etc), just enjoy together, cohabit, but don't walk the aisle.
3. You should make a Domestic Partnership with a woman if you are intended to create a healthy, stable and valuable environment for the bringing, caring and developing of your offspring. An agreement in which both parties would agree on a series of specific tasks every one will perform. If at the end of the journey, when your children become adults, you have created honest, responsible and productive citizens, maybe you could say that you put your seed in the right womb, and you found your soul partner.
P. S. Sorry for my poor English.
Andromeda said…
It is so nice to be understood. Thank you, Adolfo!

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