Should schoolgirls be complaining about rape and promoting feminism? If so, should they complain when people disagree with their position?

Starting a feminist society arouses as much resentment as an obese woman demanding she has a right to more food at the expense of the starving because she is feeling a bit peckish.

Clearly this schoolgirl is Asian, and Asian men who know her are not yet completely emasculated, dare to challenge feminism.

in a particularly racist comment was told "all this feminism bull won't stop uncle Sanjit from marrying you when you leave school".

This girl is apparently complaining that other Asians said something about her race that she found offensive, which made what they say "racist".

In this way do feminists censor free speech.

"I fear that many boys of my age fundamentally don't respect women. They want us around for parties, banter and most of all sex. But they don't think of us as intellectual equals, highlighted by accusations of being hysterical and over sensitive when we attempted to discuss serious issues facing women."

Why would any woman discuss these issues with adolescent boys????

 It is like going around drunk and semi-naked, falling into the beds of strange men and then complaining about rape when it happens.

But that is the idea, you see, the portray women as being privileged by their victimhood.  Don't let them get away with it, guys.

Poor old Cleggy, who made a perfectly reasonable statement and then had to apologise abjectedly.

What is Nigella doing but marinating her victimhood status like a steak and letting her husband stew, by going around without her wedding ring? Does she think the longer she does this the bigger the divorce settlement will be?   Return to husband now, you stupid woman, instead of prolonging this drama.  He took the rap to appease you and you are still carrying on like this??

Time to tell feminism to fuck off NOW.  


Anonymous said…
Yes. Everyone should be complaining about rape and promoting feminism. This article is disgusting although thankfully it's clear no-one is reading or giving two hoots about your silly little blog.

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