Charles Saatchi badly-advised to accept caution

So they called on him and took him to the cop shop. Was he well advised to accept a caution?

The question is: would YOU have accepted the caution if you were him?

I think it was rather foolish of him.

Accepting a caution is an admission of guilt.

If I were him I would have put the ball into her court to see if she would do the dirty on me.   If she did, I would then accept the inevitable divorce.

Of course, if she decided not to press charges, I would be very contrite and very grateful and love her even more.

If you had married a woman who would do this to you, then you shouldn't have married her, perhaps, if this was your first offence.

He should have sought legal advice.  If he had sought legal advice and was told by his lawyer to accept a caution, then that lawyer should now be named and shamed.

Onlookers claimed Lawson dabbed her eyes on a napkin as her husband tapped his cigarettes on the table.

She is then said to have downed her glass of red wine before beginning to speak in a trembling voice, placing a hand on his left wrist on the table.

At one point, she leaned over and kissed his cheek.

Let us assume for the purposes of this discussion that he did intend to upset her.

At its highest, it would have been common assault, assuming she were prepared to press charges.

Would she have been prepared to go that far?

Probably not.

She kissed him afterwards, to calm him down, which suggests she had not felt assaulted.

If he had slapped her in the face, I doubt she would have kissed him.

How is it domestic violence if it did not take place in a domestic context?

Is Scott's of Mayfair a "domestic context"?

Scott's - a restaurant I haven't been to in years

Will the behaviour of his step-children improve as a result of his capitulation?  I anticipate that they will become even more insufferable.  He will have lost all authority as husband and stepfather.  It is all terribly sad.

If only I had been there to advise them both.
A Jewish mother is what Nigella and Charles Saatchi need


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