How the West might descend into barbarism when the welfare state is dismantled after percentage of claimants reaches 51%

When the welfare state is dismantled, the ones without long term male partners would have to live in communes. Occasionally, they would be raided by single predatory males bent on acquiring a harem. He would keep the harem until death or defeat by another predatory male who would acquire his harem and kill all the children of previous males and impregnate all the other fertile females.

In this way would the white man descend into barbarity and live the life of African lions.

Is this what we want?

Only family values reinforced by Khavian Koranism will save us now!


Rookh Kshatriya said…
Interestingly, genetics has shown that, prior to 10 000 years ago, only ten% of males produced 90% of all children. The rise of monogamy coincides perfectly with the rise of settled civilizations. Remove monogamy and civilization falls, as well.

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