"Feminism is Marxism in drag"

1. Feminism = Gender Equality

2. Gender Equality condones Female Promiscuity.

3. Female Promiscuity leads to Family Breakdown.

4. Laws that protect women from the consequences of female promiscuity, eg no-fault divorce, sponsoring parasitical and promiscuous single motherhood at the expense of working men and women, contribute to the rise of Matriarchy and the enfeeblement of the Patriarchy.

5. Parasitical behaviour becomes increasingly acceptable. (46% of babies in Britain are born out of wedlock. 70% of our prison population were singly parented. None of the political parties dare criticise single motherhood, not even the BNP - because illegitimacy is the norm for the white proletariat.)

6. More parasites come into existence.

7. A society of parasites will soon practise cannibalism.

8. A society that practises cannibalism will devour itself.

The reason why you never hear of matriarchal societies is because they soon forget to read and write and descend into barbarism.

Rising crime and ever-lowering standards of education is a sign that the matriarchy has begun to entrench itself.

Most women are fundamentally irrational, emotional, truth-denying, masochistic, self-pitying and stupid, who like to make a virtue of their own victimhood.

When men start behaving like women, ie taken it as a given that only hypocrisy, dishonesty and cowardice are the only things that will get you by, it is a sign that the cancer is already terminal and has now reached the brain and the guts and the bones of the nation.


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