Promiscuity and Perdition

A promiscuous woman is analogous to a drug-dealer consuming his own stock, and therefore his own profit, at the risk of becoming an addict himself.

A society that encourages this, and a government that dares not discourage this and indeed uses taxpayers' money to sponsor Free Love, is doomed to decline, barbarism and extinction.


Anonymous said…
I have to agree. I just recently saw the end of a five year engagement because a new guy caught her eye. Throughout the entire relationship, she told me how much she adores sex, and it doesn't matter from whence it comes. She would also tell me that I was "The One" to whom she wanted to commit. Of course, I would get the speech about how "it's just who she is" whenever I have caught her cheating; and yes, keeping a profile up on dating websites while engaged is definitely cheating.

I know I am better off without her, but it still stings a lot. But, I am wiser now. Even her own family thought that her behavior was just fine and if there was a problem, it lay with me. I never thougth I would hear parents say this kind of thing. By the way, I'm 49 and she is 47. I would have thought she would have out-grown this behavior. I guess I was wrong. With no moral brakes from outside, there is no sense of morality to be had.

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