UKIP on course to have its first MP

Vote for a short Conservative male with insufferably PC views, hated by his own party, with wife who by her own admission was a bit of a slag and a slapper, taller than him, who supports the other party.

Why did he let her give the interview?

If he did not let her do it and she went ahead anyway, then it shows breathtaking disloyalty. That, or she may be back on the bottle again.

Grounds for divorce, I would have thought.

Whatever the reasons, his judgment is called into question for

(a) marrying her
(b) allowing her to do the interview
(c) being unable to control her if she went ahead without his permission and gave it anyway despite his protestations

Pussy-whipped comes to mind.

Will enough people be stupid enough to vote for (and trust the judgment of) a short, pussy-whipped politician with an ex-slapper of a wife who used to be too fond of her drink? Maybe she is getting a taste of it again. She was drunk, stupid or disloyal when she gave the interview. Take your pick.


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