Why Free Speech Protects Us

extracted from Kathleen Parker's Save the Males:

Between weak families, absent fathers, a culture that signalizes the
innocent, and government bureaucracies that are designed to grow themselves, one doesn't have to be paranoid to envision a time when freedom as we have known it will be compromised beyond recognition. Already free speech has suffered as those who mis-speak - who challenge the orthodoxy of the prevailing ism - are silenced. When former Harvard University president Lawrence H Summers dared to suggest that women's lesser accomplishments in math and science might be explained in part by innate differences in the sexes, he was effectively shown the door.

When Dr Miriam Grossman's book Unprotected http://www.amazon.com/Unprotected-Miriam-Grossman/dp/1595230459/ref=dp_return_2?ie=UTF8&n=283155&s=books came out in 2006, she published as "Anonymous" because she feared professional repercussions for reporting that political correctness had so intimidated psychiatric practitioners that their patients - college men and women - were being harmed. Public acclaim gave her the courage she needed to identify herself in the paperback version a year later.

Once free speech goes, all freedoms are in jeopardy. If you can't
even suggest without fear of condemnation that women don't belong in battle - or that men aren't defective if they prefer to play golf with guys, then we're on our way to an irrational and uncertain future.


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