The Forgotten Rules of Male Courtship

In my time, perfectly masculine men - men who say they will not back down from a fight, for example, have recklessly confessed to me and other romantic prospects a fear of flying. (Jean Paul Getty might get away with admitting this foible, but not, I'm afraid, less-financially well-endowed men.)

A man once said to me that he prefers to leave politics alone because it upset him too much.

For some reason, a woman can confess a fear and loathing of politics to me without sacrificing too much of the affection and regard I might have for her because she is after all "only a girl".

A man making that confession is absolutely damaged goods and will never have my respect again.

Ditto a man wearing a baby sling or carrying his child like a beast of burden using one of those backpacking child-carriers.

Another man who could have been forming romantic intentions towards me recently informed me that all men want to be mothered. This I have no doubt, as all women want to be protected and provided for, ie a meal ticket. (Men of course want an angel in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom, a nanny, housekeeper, companion, secretary etc etc, preferably all rolled into one for maximum "value". Fair enough.) But educated, intelligent middle class men surely ought to know that the only way get a woman to want to mother you is to pretend that all you want to do is to protect and provide for her? Men these days seem to have absolutely no idea of the great unwritten rules of not showing that you are

(1) stupid
(2) scared
(3) desire and require protection

which remains the prerogative of Woman!


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