Alison Wolf should know that education and training will never be fixed under the current political system

No government is going to touch British education with a bargepole.  That is because it will take more than five years to fix and require more drastic action than the teaching unions, parents and pupils are prepared to stomach.

Any political party that attempts to do this will get all the flak but none of the kudos, and that is why no one is prepared to risk opening that can of worms.

So what we really need is a revolution, and after that a one-party state.

A typical British politician cannot be expected to say such things of course, so it suits successive governments to pretend there isn't a problem or that they are in the process of fixing it and in the meantime continue to sweep the dust under the carpet until the nation is nothing but dust and ashes peopled only with paedophile bastard single mother barbarians.  


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