For evil to triumph ...

For evil to triumph, all that is required is for good men do nothing and say nothing. 

This is what I have observed is so typical of liberal ideology or perhaps any ideology when it has grown into an established national practice of citizens who have lost both their balls and their marbles.

This is why I find the Islamic exhortation of forbidding what is evil and enjoining what is good so refreshingly attractive.

The British no longer dare to say that evil is evil, because they are mostly worshipers of the deity that so many Britons dare not blaspheme against: the slut, slag and slapper of a single mum.

46% of babies born in the UK are born out of wedlock.

70% of our prison population were singly-parented.

When over 50% of babies born in Britain are indeed born out of wedlock, then evil will have triumphed.  Not too long to go then.

Only a matriarchy would condone female promiscuity and indeed sponsor it with taxpayers' money in child benefit and council accommodation for the poor who breed with the stupid and promiscuous.

Heard of any successful existing matriarchies lately?

No? Then there you go: the Anglosphere is too fucked by feminism to notice it is fucked by feminism and well on its way to hell in a handcart.

If our children are our future, then we are already well-fucked, since they are mostly riddled by STIs and therefore diseased, sterile or suffering from unwanted pregnancy, unteachable, unemployable. I suppose they might be eventually made fit for piracy and prostitution, if the respective governments of the Anglosphere apply themselves.


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