How to fall (and stay) in love

I found this in the 29 November 2008 issue of The Week, the source is The Sunday Telegraph.

  1. Don't be fooled by the movies and leave falling in love to chance. We take action in other areas of our lives - falling in love should be no different.
  2. Stop waiting for The One. Searching for an ideal soulmate means you subject partners to impossible standards.
  3. However, you should identify areas you are not prepared to compromise on, such as wanting children or levels of fidelity.
  4. There are certain skills that are key to a successful relationship, such as good communication and managing stress, so you are less likely to take things out on those closest to you. By learning these skills, you will give any relationship a better chance.
  5. Love is about "making yourself vulnerable to another person". People often fall in love in war zones owing to the bonding that takes place in scary situations. But less extreme experiences, such as watching horror films together or going on rollercoaster rides, can work too.


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