Sunday, 28 March 2010

"Feminism is Marxism in drag"

1. Feminism = Gender Equality

2. Gender Equality condones Female Promiscuity.

3. Female Promiscuity leads to Family Breakdown.

4. Laws that protect women from the consequences of female promiscuity, eg no-fault divorce, sponsoring parasitical and promiscuous single motherhood at the expense of working men and women, contribute to the rise of Matriarchy and the enfeeblement of the Patriarchy.

5. Parasitical behaviour becomes increasingly acceptable. (46% of babies in Britain are born out of wedlock. 70% of our prison population were singly parented. None of the political parties dare criticise single motherhood, not even the BNP - because illegitimacy is the norm for the white proletariat.)

6. More parasites come into existence.

7. A society of parasites will soon practise cannibalism.

8. A society that practises cannibalism will devour itself.

The reason why you never hear of matriarchal societies is because they soon forget to read and write and descend into barbarism.

Rising crime and ever-lowering standards of education is a sign that the matriarchy has begun to entrench itself.

Most women are fundamentally irrational, emotional, truth-denying, masochistic, self-pitying and stupid, who like to make a virtue of their own victimhood.

When men start behaving like women, ie taken it as a given that only hypocrisy, dishonesty and cowardice are the only things that will get you by, it is a sign that the cancer is already terminal and has now reached the brain and the guts and the bones of the nation.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Fringe parties should have policies to attract the *MALE* Vote

Don't men mind when some gold-digger marries them and then divorces them and takes half their stuff and their children to boot?

That is why we have an unofficial marriage strike by the men, ladies.

The men with money know not to marry any old slut, slag and slapper. The stupid ones would sleep with them anyway (which is what they want) after a few drinks on the same night. Some of the stupider ones will shag you without you going out of your way at all for them, the stupid cows. Shagging some stranger in a toilet or in an alleyway is their idea of a good night out.

The poor men who have nothing to lose don't mind getting married, because they know they can get the woman to give them half her stuff.

Of course, the correct response would be for the women to declare a sex strike, but they are too stupid. The more cheap free easy sex they give to men, the more men will treat them like used condoms. But they still don't get it. Because they are stupid.

Most British men appear shocked and appalled when I point out that they need a bit of dosh to attract a decent woman. Of course the trash will give you a blow job on the first meeting because they are cheap and think that is the going rate for trash like themselves. But that is not what you want for an LTR and to bring up children of the marriage, is it?

But white men and women just don't get it. That is why the white race are going down, down, down and the Muslims are going to take over ...

Policies that might appeal to men and women who believe in family values and wish to challenge feminism may like the following:

  1. the repeal of the Sex Discrimination Act
  2. the repeal of the Equal Pay Act
  3. throwing out the Equality Bill
  4. the end of no-fault divorce
  5. the end of the presumption that the best interests of the child of divorced parents is to stay with its mother and be subjected to the unwelcome attentions of her unsuitable boyfriends
  6. burning Harriet Harman and the rest of her coven at the stake on College Green

Thursday, 11 March 2010

How the West might descend into barbarism when the welfare state is dismantled after percentage of claimants reaches 51%

When the welfare state is dismantled, the ones without long term male partners would have to live in communes. Occasionally, they would be raided by single predatory males bent on acquiring a harem. He would keep the harem until death or defeat by another predatory male who would acquire his harem and kill all the children of previous males and impregnate all the other fertile females.

In this way would the white man descend into barbarity and live the life of African lions.

Is this what we want?

Only family values reinforced by Khavian Koranism will save us now!