Saturday, 19 December 2009

Knocked-up 15 year schoolgirl "honour-killed" by father

Those - xenophobes and BNP supporters perhaps - who hate the idea of foreigners coming here and importing their barbaric and nasty practices of honour - may wish to take comfort. Perhaps they will be less likely to come here in the face of predictable family strife when a family member goes native and embraces the worst aspects of Britishness.

Poor Tulay Goren, the 15 year old truanting schoolgirl who got knocked up by a man twice her age - who had extra-marital sex under the age of consent. She had in fact integrated with local customs, practices and expectations.

That was her tragedy.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Passive men in fear of aggressive women

Taoist saying:

"The law is like the wind and the people the grass. When the wind blows, the grass will bend."

The most evil are those who suffer it to be done in the name of liberal ideology, which permits only inaction or flabby ineffectual gestures in the name of tolerance and compassion. In short, it is our government and our political establishment which is evil in permitting evil, not discouraging it or pretending that it is not an evil.

Evil is committed when educated middle class campaigners of for traditional education dare not state the obvious for fear of ostracisation and denunciation.

The obvious is of course that family values are vulnerable to the depredations of female promiscuity.

But female promiscuity is the Sacred Cow that the British worship. To blaspheme against the slag and slapper and the unmarried single mum will result in social death or a life worse than death, apparently.

That is why emasculated men in fear of the feminazis remain silent. Nothing will change if the silence is not broken, but still the fearful silent men remain fearful and silent.

The Single Female

"One interviewee described a point in her life when she felt acutely that she was not the ‘most important person to anybody’. "

"Bridget’s melodramatic vision of herself dying ‘fat and alone, and found three weeks later half-eaten by Alsatians’ (Fielding, 1996) was spontaneously repeated with some seriousness by a number of the respondents, who related it to their own real experiences of being ill while living alone. These periods of sickness had forced issues of care into sharp relief, for although these were all short-lived, everyday illnesses, they had inspired visions of old age."

"The idea that there has been a ‘high price of liberation’, most often articulated through the ‘myth of having it all’ are now firmly established in the discussion of female equality."

" ... they risk being assessed as failures; emotionally cold or dysfunctional. "

"the ‘single girl’ tag is more difficult to claim as women reach their forties and tends to reinforce the difficulty of being recognized as an adult. The women in this study felt in particular, that getting their parents to see them as women rather than girls was sometimes difficult, as markers of adulthood were more difficult to construct and to gain recognition for. This respondent felt that having a partner would alleviate the responsibility her parents still felt towards her:

‘someone between me and them (her parents) would help enormously…it is not articulated…but it’s an awareness of a sense of responsibility towards me which they have, which I don’t want them to carry on having.’ "

"She herself doubted her adulthood; ‘in a funny sort of way I don’t really feel like a grown up woman. And I don’t know if that’s to do with the fact that I’m not married’. Once again we can see that what could be read at one level as a problem of unfair and inaccurate stereotyping, once probed, is revealed as having a deeper, more individual reality."

"Accounts which attempt to construct a more positive identity for single womanhood have tended to gloss over what may be a deeper reality to contemporary singleness that is problematic, ambivalent and much less easy to embrace as a positive ‘lifestyle’. Issues of intimacy, care and transitional experiences seem to be evident amongst a group predicted to become more numerous in the future; single, childless women who do not feel that they have actively chosen to be either of these things."

This is what a few decades of feminism have done for women. Happy about it, are we girls? Want more of it, do we? A lonely childless loveless old age living with our pet in our one-bedroom flat, scrimping and saving, wondering where the next meal is coming from, with mental health problems. Do we wish to condemn the next generation to this as well?

Having now stigmatised single women, I am just wondering if I can now sell the idea of the Domestic Partnership to them and perhaps some single men too, explained at:

Very briefly, it is an adult home-sharing agreement with optional sex and optional fidelity, based on economy and convenience.

The process of negotiating the terms is to substitute for courtship, to save the man buying meals for the woman and to save the woman from feeling she has to give a man sex before such things can even be discussed. Money is saved and virtue preserved.

Speed-dating for the middle-aged singleton, in other words.

The process will involve lawyers and is intended to be a substitute for marriage, with less onerous terms.

Disputes will be settled through arbitration.

A Relationship Management Service will also be offered.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Promiscuity and Perdition

A promiscuous woman is analogous to a drug-dealer consuming his own stock, and therefore his own profit, at the risk of becoming an addict himself.

A society that encourages this, and a government that dares not discourage this and indeed uses taxpayers' money to sponsor Free Love, is doomed to decline, barbarism and extinction.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Gentlemanly and ladylike behaviour

Being a gentleman or a lady are but ideals, from which we all lapse from time to time. The quality of a person's character therefore depends on whether one knows:

(1) what constitutes gentlemanly or ladylike behaviour;


(2) when one has fallen short.

Friday, 4 December 2009

UKIP on course to have its first MP

Vote for a short Conservative male with insufferably PC views, hated by his own party, with wife who by her own admission was a bit of a slag and a slapper, taller than him, who supports the other party.

Why did he let her give the interview?

If he did not let her do it and she went ahead anyway, then it shows breathtaking disloyalty. That, or she may be back on the bottle again.

Grounds for divorce, I would have thought.

Whatever the reasons, his judgment is called into question for

(a) marrying her
(b) allowing her to do the interview
(c) being unable to control her if she went ahead without his permission and gave it anyway despite his protestations

Pussy-whipped comes to mind.

Will enough people be stupid enough to vote for (and trust the judgment of) a short, pussy-whipped politician with an ex-slapper of a wife who used to be too fond of her drink? Maybe she is getting a taste of it again. She was drunk, stupid or disloyal when she gave the interview. Take your pick.