Introduction agencies - a frightening statistic

I came across this frightening statistic today:

"With data-base introduction agencies, there can be an imbalance of male and female members. A split of 70% women to 30% men, which in reality is not ideal, as both men and women will find that kind of split too diverse to give quality introductions."

This sounds uncomfortably like a hint that women in their 40s should consider a same-sex partnership to see if they like it, if nothing else male presents himself.

After all, many women and men do not really like members of the opposite sex and only regard them as a means to an end: a status symbol, a sex object, a provider, cook, companion, servant, butler, housekeeper, driver, nurse, nanny etc. If left to themselves, men might really prefer the company of other men and women the company of other women when they are not thinking of sex, making do with commercial sex from time to time when the urge arises, supplied by gigolos, toy boys, escort girls and hostesses.

The establishment below has been highly praised by someone known to me. If any of you are disposed to sample the pleasures of commercial sex, please do let us know how you get on.

It is possible then that women would now be subjected to -

(a) a taste of their own medicine when they have to try getting along with someone as critical and demanding as they had been of their mislaid and discarded male partners

(A misogynist joke: QUESTION: What is the difference between a robber and a woman? ANSWER: A robber says "Your money OR your life?" A woman demands: "Your money AND your life!")

(b) be obliged to resort to a same-sex relationship because there are simply no decent men to be found after women reach a certain age. (It seems they are all taken or interested in much younger women.)

Perhaps it would not be too indelicate for Jill Rhodes-Harvey, contactable on 0845 226 3189, to suggest to her 40+ women that they could make a valid lifestyle choice, ie a same-sex partnership with other 40+ women, for those careless enough to have lost their husbands or discarded them?

Then, more of them could become satisfied customers if they manage to get on with each other better than they did with their lost or discarded male partners.

It is just a thought.


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